Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been tagged.... As if this info in email chain letters wasn't enough...

Brandie... only because I love ya...

I've been tagged!

The 8 things tag.

8 TV shows I watch:
1. The Hills (it's a vice I just can't give up...)
2. Amazing Race
3. Survivor
4. Gray's Anatomy
5. Fringe (hello... way cool!)
6. Life
7. Criminal Minds
8. Brothers & Sisters
Gotta love TiVo... It is all about time management television

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Went to Antelope Island for the first time
2. Took 275ish pictures and got about 10 good shots (one of the few good ones)
3. learned you actually have to change settings when using a fancy camera... (hence all the bad photos)
4. Slept in... aaahhhhh
5. experienced enough bugs hitting my windshield at 50mph it sounded like rain
6. relaxed....
7. bought the cutest new earings
8. watched the Chargers get beaten badly.... sad

8 Favorite places to eat:
1. Baxter's American
2. Market Street Grill
3. Cafe Madrid
4. Paradise Bakery
5. Jason's Deli
6. Ihop (in October... mmmm pumpkin pancakes)
7. This little Italian place in North Beach in San Francisco... I can never remember the name
8. Grandma Black'sHouse

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. RSL making the playoffs... (fingers crossed)
2. Coldplay in concert
3. laser hair removal
4. Striking it rich (a girl can dream)
5. A vacation... (i need to plan one)
6. My new Niece
7. Thanksgiving in Cedar with the fam
8. Getting off work...

8 Things on my wishlist:
1. A fancy schamancy camera
2. a closet just for my shoes... and more shoes...
3. buying a house (go back to striking it rich)
4. must lose weight
5. a new blackberry
6. a vacation....
7. the perfect job
8. continued happiness

8 People I tag:
I don't know 8 people...

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walkerfamily said...

Yeah, I'm so happy. Looks like we watch alot of the same mindless crap. Thanks for the tip on pumpkin pancakes at the IHOP. I've never had anything there that I have liked. See you at the party next weekend!PS feel free to tag me any time. (That sounds really naughty)