Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Pictures...eeekkkk

So recently a friend of mine asked if I would take pictures of her and her kids... never having taken any family pictures before I was excited for the opportunity and very very nervous about screwing it up. Talk about pressure.
Luckily, Emily was very calm about the whole thing and kept reminding me it was only her... Thanks for that Em. Not having any clue what to do I took to the internet to research family picture poses and locations. I also enlisted the help of Eric, my very patient teacher in this photography journey.
After going back and forth about location Emily and I decided on the Springville Art Museum. The location was perfect. There are so many quaint little nooks and cranneys in the museum not to mention an excellent staircase that made for some fun pictures. The day started off with my being extremely nervous and a bit overwhelmed but once I calmed down a bit I had a lot of fun.
I'm by no means ready for this to be a regular gig, but I'm excited for the opportunity and open to any practice anyone wants to throw my way. Here are some of the results of the photo session.

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